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Warren St. HGTH, IN.

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538 Warren St. Huntington IN 46750


Superior sub sandwiches just for you

Find all your favorite foods stuffed between two pieces of bread for filling submarine sandwiches that will leave you coming back for more at Z-Place Pizza in Huntington, Indiana. We use only the freshest quality ingredients and perfectly baked bread to bring you a mouth-watering treat.

There's nothing like a hearty meal between two slices of fresh bread!


Call and order a sub to take home today!


Your taste buds will thank you after you dine with us!

Eat in or take home a satisfying meal today!

What you want when you want it

Our subs are made fresh to order with a delightful combination of ingredients that will have you telling all your friends. Come in today and enjoy a meal with us any time you have a craving.


Love what you eat

Enjoy fresh vegetables and meats on a warm and toasty roll that will satisfy your taste buds and leave your stomach fully satisfied.


Our scrumptious sub menu

Ham and Cheese 6-inch $5.25 12-inch $9.00

Double Ham, cheese, pizza sauce


Stromboli 6-inch $5.25 12-inch $9.00

Italian sausage, green pepper, sauce, cheese


Grinder 6-inch $5.25 12-inch $9.00

Ham, salami, pizza sauce, cheese



Mini Meat Ballz 6-inch $5.25 12-inch $9.00

Pizza sauce, beef, sausage, cheese


Veggie 6-inch $5.75 12-inch $9.75

Mushroom, onion, green peppers, green olives, black olives, pizza sauce, cheese


Z-Grinder 6-inch $5.75 12-inch $9.75

Ham, salami, mushroom, green olives, green peppers, onion, pizza sauce, cheese


Chicken Parmesan 6-inch $5.75 12-inch $9.75

Breaded chicken breast, pizza sauce, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese


Chicken Club 6-inch $5.75 12-inch $9.75

Ranch, chicken, bacon, ham, onion, tomato, cheese


BLT 6-inch $5.75 12-inch $9.75

Double bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato

Enjoy a refreshing beverage to go with your sandwich!

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**Prices include tax**